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Boker 2035 Titanius

Boker 2035 Titanius

CAM-BOK-2035    $124.95

Titanium handles and the Cera-Titan blade material. Cera-Titan is a recently developed blade material made from sintered titanium. Past attempts to produce a titanium blade folder have missed the mark since titanium alone cannot be hardened like steel, failing to produce any kind of sustained cutting capacity. However the Cera-Titan blade consists of a sintered titanium powder, which includes extremely hard elements mixed in with a bit of silver particles. This revolutionary process offers the benefits traditional steel cannot. The Cera-Titan blade is 40% lighter than steel, will stay sharp much longer than a high grade stainless steel blade, will not rust, and is flexible. One more plus, when the blade needs to be sharpened, the blade can be sharpened on a conventional sharpening system. The cutting power and edge retention surpass that of any of the high caliber blade steels currently being used.

Overall length:    5.25"
Blade length:      2.375"
Closed length:    3.125"

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