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Gemstone Bonsai Tree, Amethyst, 7"

002-B7-AM    $29.95

Approximate size & weight: L 7" x W 7" x H 7". 1lb

Polished Amethyst ‘leaves’ adorn this beautiful Bonsai tree replica. Each stone is connected separately to its own gold-colored twisted wire branch. The trunk sits on a genuine Amethyst base. The wire branches are bendable so the tree can be shaped to your liking. Hand made in Brazil.

Amethyst is a form of translucent Quartz with a unique violet or purple coloration that ranges from very light to very dark. It reflects a great deal of light from any direct source, indoors or outdoors, and is best shown in a well lit area.

Amethyst stands out among the many gemstones that are considered to have metaphysical qualities and healing powers. It is a calming and meditative stone that is said to reduce anger, impatience, and nightmares, and is known for contentment and meditation and its ability to magnify the energies of love, forgiveness, and healing. It is also believed by some to help attract wealth, prosperity, and success. 

Please note that each gemstone tree is assembled by hand and no two are exactly alike, so the tree that you receive will have some color and shape variations.

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