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Krystonia Collection 1987 Groc Figurine Made in England

Krystonia Collection 1987 Groc Figurine Made in England

KRS-1041    $42.95

Approximate Height: 4.25"

PLEASE NOTE: This item has a small chip above the ear - see image.

Welcome to the world of Krystonia. This series of whimsical, mysterious, magical figurines are based on characters from the Krystonia Chronicles book series, and include well over 200 pieces.

The first 19 Krystonia figurines were produced in 1987 in a small factory in Stoke-On-Trent, England, and are quite rare and hard to find. Later ones were also produced in England, and then the production was moved to China. As the series became more popular and sought after, the Krystonia Collectors Club was started in 1990, and membership included an official membership card, quartely issues of "The Phargol Horn" (the official newsletter of Krystonia), and a redemption certificate that allowed you to purchase the 'Member Only' Redemption Figurine, which was changed regularly.

Krystonia is a land of make-believe fantasy full of dragons, wizards, trolls, and many other delightful characters, created by David Woodard and Pat Chandok. Two moons shine over this land of perpetual blizzards, fertile valleys, and vast desert. The great mystery of this land revolves mostly around the magical Krystals.

There are four books in the Krystonia Chronicles series. The first one is titled Chronicles of Krystonia. Following it is Krystonian Adventures, Krystonia III and the Wondrous Webb. In these books you learn of a world of great exteremes, in its lands as well as its inhabitants. The terrain is beautiful with its lush valleys and towering trees. Wonder too far, and you will find searing desserts and barren wastelands. Following the map in the front of the books will help you stay away from these areas. The inhabitants detailed in these books cannot be described in a few words, and you will surely find ones that you love as well as others that are not to your liking. Each character has their own personality that is reflected and comes alive in the figurines, and gives them their unique depth and charm. Some of the figurines were created from the stories while others were designed first, and then a story was developed for them. They are made of cold cast porcelain and resin, which showcases the artists skill and originality, and the great detail of each piece.

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