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Sorrento Music Box, 6", Floral Inlay

Sorrento Music Box, 6", Floral Inlay

MB-SP100FOL-VER    $199.95

Wood Inlaid Musical Jewelry Box. Hand-crafted in Sorrento, Italy. 
18 Note Sankyo music mechanism, Velvet lined inside, Brass Feet. Plays La Vie En Rose.  By Splendid.

Approximate Size: 6" x 4" x 2.5". Storage compartment 2." x 2.5" x 1.25" deep. 

Please note: Each music box is inlaid and finished by hand. Individuality is an important feature of Sorrento inlaid woodwork, and no two boxes will be exactly alike. There may be slight variations in design and finish color.

SPLENDID MUSIC BOXES are some of the highest-quality hand crafted musical jewelry boxes available today. Splendid's designer, Hedy Kagan, has a lifetime of experience in design, and has earned Splendid great acclaim. Her exclusive  styles are based on the availability of choice woods suitable to be crafted into these high-quality music boxes. Using skills and techniques that date back centuries, these music boxes are made from a  variety of  natural hardwoods which include walnut, briar, ebony, maple, poplar, elm, bobinga, palisander, and others.

The manufacturing process is still done mostly by hand, with the help of some modern tools. The marquetry is created by stratifying several alternate linings of bright and dark woods. Careful attention is paid to the grain to ensure the best results. The chromatic effects of the beauty of the natural wood combined with the skilled hand labor of seasoned craftspeople produce the truly unique result.

The design drawings are cut out of the selected woods and broken up into tiny delicate slivers that are carefully arranged to create the beautiful wood mosaics. The intricate shading of the design is achieved with the aid of red-hot sanding, which adds warm and elegant nuances to the beautiful tones of the wood itself. The wood is then passed through several stages of smoothing and polishing to yield the required high-gloss, or elegant matte, finishes. 

SORRENTO, ITALY.  Sorrento's greatest traditional craft is intarsia (wood inlay) – individually handcrafted artistic pieces, used in many applications, for example doors, tabletops, decorative game sets, still-life art featuring landscapes, vases, fruits and vegetables, etc. There's even a local museum devoted to the craft, the Museo Bottega Della Tarsia Lignea. The nicest, and best-made music boxes are made in Sorrento.

The intricate craft of Italian inlaid wood manufacturing dates back to the 6th and 7th centuries when Benedictine monks worked in monastery workshops to carve wood for the columns of their Neapolitan churches using local woods, such as walnut, olive, orange, lemon, pear, and cherry. In modern times, the range of woods has grown to include briar, ebony, quilted maple, myrtle, rosewood, poplar, elm, bobinga, chestnut, mahogany, palisander, etc. In the early years, the inlay designs were typical of Pompei, and mostly classic. As time passed, the designs became more realistic. The early artisans created a base for the development of an art that was to make Sorrento famous all over the world, and is still the main industry driving the local economy.

The manufacturing of inlaid wood gained popularity in the early 1800's when Antonio Damora of Sorrento decided to open a workshop to train many locals in the specialized art of inlay. He had developed his skills through his extensive work on the palace of King Francesco di Borbone.

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