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Krystonia Pin-back Buttons, Set

Krystonia Pin-back Buttons, Set of 3

KRS-PIN3    $18.00

3" Commemorative Krystonia Pin-Back Buttons, Set of 3.

Part of the Krystonia figurine collection, which includes over 200 items. The figurines are based on characters from the ‘Krystonia Chronicles’ book series. The books describe a whimsical world of wizards and dragons, with lands and inhabitants that have great extremes. Crystal is central to the Krystonia story line, and all but two figurines in the collection have at least one SWAROVSKI smooth or faceted crystal. 

The first Krystonia figurines were produced in 1987 in a small factory in Stoke-On-Trent, England. Later ones were produced in England and in China. There were a few sculptors and artists involved, but the majority were designed by David Woodard and Pat Chandok, who were with the line since its inception. Many were limited editions, and none were produced again once they were retired. Some were only available to members of the ‘Krystonia Collectors Club’ that was started in 1990.

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