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Large Gorilla Sculpture, Copper Fill

Large Gorilla Sculpture, Copper Fill

DON-A6006    $149.95
'Family Resemblance' - Large Gorilla Sculpture by Donjo. Approximate size: L 7.5" x W 4.5" x H 7.5" - Weight: 3.75 lb.

Copper fill is a proprietary process that is approximately 1/32 of an inch of copper, filled with a composite material, and hand painted with a high quality enamel. A durable clear coat is sprayed over the piece to prevent tarnishing or aging. Donjo is an internationally renowned artist-sculptor. Born in Chicago in 1949 and raised in Southern California, this remarkable artist, known for his work on endangered species, was introduced to sculpture at the age of eleven and put himself through school by selling his bronze works at weekend art shows. In 1987, he began to focus exclusively on sculpting with a strong emphasis on marine life. In his new line of exquisitely detailed marine life sculptures, Donjo captures the true essence of the sea in Bronze and Copper Fill. It is easy to understand how this artist's creations have attracted an international audience by seeing the majestic beauty of the humpback whale or the playfulness of a family of dolphins. However, he will not compromise his true objective which is to develop public awareness and to help with the preservation of marine life and other endangered species. Donjo is well-known for his works in surrealism, realism and fantasy consisting of studies, portraits, fairy tale characters and endangered species. He is one of the few who constructs gallery, and monument size statues in three-dimension and two-dimension relief.

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