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Coots Biddys Resin Figurine Mr. Right Now

Coots & Biddys Resin Figurine - Mr. Right Now

WES-12874    $14.95

"Mr. Right Now" Coots Figurine. Approximate Height: 7"

“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” ― Mark Twain
COOTS and BIDDYS are a series of humorous collectible figurines that represent a comprehensive and objective study of the habits and behavior of those little old men and women who have reached the stage of life that no one wants to reach, but few can avoid. They are caricatures of these lively gregarious seniors that we love, in their finest moments.

The men (Coots) are engaged in all of their favorite activities - bowling, golfing, motorcycling, fishing, disco dancing, or just dressing outlandishly. The women (Biddys) are just as colorful, and they proudly show off their take it or leave it, in your face, attitude. They are motorcycle mamas, bowling divas, cool Grandmas, yoga queens, love pirates, and more. We all know a few of them, and this series celebrates the occupations and recreations that make them who they are. Each comes in a colorful illustrated box.

MIKE DOWDALL is the comic artistic creator of Coots and Biddys. They are the result of many years of studying people and a lifelong desire to make a living as an artist. His art expresses his respect and admiration for the unconventional approach to life and for the spunk our beloved older folks exhibit. He has a unique ability to decipher and capture the things that make them tick.

Mike was attracted to art from a very early age, and after a stint in Vietnam, he studied art and then set out to fulfill his lifelong dream. He has illustrated nine books featuring his colorful characters. Previously employed at Dakin, Portal, Hallmark, and Bradford Exchange, Mike has worked in the Gift Industry for over 25 years, and he is currently the Art Director at Westland Giftware.

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