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Gemstone & Wire Tree 8", Green Fluorite

Gemstone & Wire Tree 8", Green Fluorite

006-PT-8GF    $32.95

Approximate height 8", weight 0.75lb

Beautiful clusters of Green Fluorite ‘leaves’ with branches made from bright non-tarnish, flexible wire, anchored in a natural wood base. This tree features 300 polished Green Fluorite stones in an assortment of natural colors and shades, each one connected separately to its own branch. The wire branches are bendable so the tree can be shaped to your liking. Hand made in India.

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride. It has been used in the Orient for hundreds of years to craft ornate vases and other decorative vessels. Today, it is widely used in industrial manufacturing of non-stick coating, ceramics, fiberglass, and many other products. It is the source of natural fluorine used for water fluoridation, and it is even used in toothpaste to fight cavities.

Pure Fluorite crystals are transparent, but most Fluorite is colored because of the effects of impurities in the crystal structure, heat, and geological processes.  Colors range from yellow, blue, pink, red, brown, green, purple, and can also be black or white. Some Fluorite will ‘fluoresce’ - glow in the dark, after being exposed to UV light.

Green Fluorite gets its color from the introduction of chemicals such as chromium or vanadium into the crystal. It is believed to contain many metaphysical qualities and cleansing energy to help calm stress and anxiety, and transform negative energy into healing power.  

Please note that each gemstone tree is assembled by hand and no two are exactly alike, so the tree that you receive will have some color and shape variations.

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