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Gemstone & Wire Tree 8", Yellow Aventurine

Gemstone & Wire Tree 8", Yellow Aventurine

006-PT-8YA    $32.95

Approximate height 8", weight 0.75lb

Beautiful clusters of Yellow/Brown Aventurine ‘leaves’ with branches made from bright non-tarnish, flexible wire, anchored in a natural wood base. This tree features 300 polished Yellow/Brown Aventurine stones in an assortment of natural colors and shades, each one connected separately to its own branch. The wire branches are bendable so the tree can be shaped to your liking. Hand made in India.

Aventurine is said to help loosen and release negative energy, and increase perception and creativity. Its soothing energy benefits the health of the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart.

Please note that each gemstone tree is assembled by hand and no two are exactly alike, so the tree that you receive will have some color and shape variations.

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