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Jazz Band Bronze Sculpture, Red Suit, Singer Trumpet

Jazz Band Bronze Sculpture, Red Suit, Singer with Trumpet

016-JR-76546    $99.95

Approximate Height: 11.25" Weight: 2.2 lb.
The beautifully designed true to life Cold Cast Bronze Jazz Band Singer with Trumpet  Sculpture is crafted and finished by hand to the finest detail.

Please note that each sculpture is finished by hand and the color of the actual product you receive may be slightly different.

“Cold-Cast” bronze sculptures are created by pouring a mixture of pure bronze powder mixed with resin directly into an intricate mold. This method does not require the lengthy process of 'lost wax' casting, and it allows the artist to produce very detailed sculptures that have the look and feel of more expensive casting processes, but are much more affordable, without compromising their beauty, strength and longevity. 

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