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Magellan Meridian Marine GPS

Magellan Meridian Marine GPS

CAM-M980598-04    $279.95

Specifically designed for your marine adventure, the Magellan Meridian Marine is a GPS receiver for the serious navigator. The Meridain Marine GPS has an extensive 16 MB, built-in mapping database of waterways, rivers, lakes, fixed nautical markers, buoys and lighthouses; the Meridian Marine provides an easy way to view your longitude, latitude, bearing and knots per hour. To increase the mapping detail of the GPS, you can download compatible Magellan MapSend Software onto a Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card. With your Meridian Marine you'll always know where you are and where you're going, to within 3 meters with WAAS.

* 16 MB built-in mapping database of North America (interstates, highways, city locations, airports, waterways, rivers, lakes, fixed nautical markers, buoys, lighthouses, etc)

* Quadrifilar antenna
* MapSend CD-ROM compatible
* Supports street maps, topography, points of interest
* Finds your location by tracking up to 12 GPS satellites simultaneously
* Assisted by the U.S. Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
* Accurate to within 3 meters or better
* Large keyboard
* Street-level downloadable maps available on an optional Magellan SD memory card
* 7 Customizable graphic navigation displays show a map, compass, speedometer, and text readouts of heading, bearing, speed, direction, ETA, and more
* 12 Built-in coordinate systems
* 76 Datums including latitude/longitude, universal transverse mercator, and military grid reference system
* Store up to 20 routes, 500 waypoints and 2,000 track-points
* Save track-to-route (allows you to convert complicated track files into easy to follow routes; save hundreds of routes by transferring them to a PC with Magellan MapSend® software)
* NorthFinder technology (shows your direction even when standing still)
* Shows you when the sun will rise and set, as well as the phase of the moon, for any date and location in the world
* Fish and game calculator
* Monitor the GPS satellites in view and get information about their status
* Large, high resolution/high contrast backlit display (LCD dimensions: 1.75" x 2")
* Dedicated zoom in/zoom out key
* Rubber armored, impact resistant plastic
* Waterproof (sealed to IEC-529 IPX7 specifications, also floats)
* Built-in help database
* SD card expandability
* NMEA 0183 data interface
* Multiple language support (English, French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch)
* Blue and white

Package Contents:
- GPS receiver
- PC cable
- 16 MB built in maps and navaids
- Secure digital memory card slot
- Manual

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