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Southwestern Turquoise Inlay Fixed Blade Knife

Southwestern Turquoise Inlay Fixed Blade Knife

001-FB02-06    $79.95

The Native American style Turquoise Inlay Fixed Blade Knife features a brushed finish Stainless Steel blade and mirror polished bolsters. It comes with a fitted Nylon Sheath with Velcro closure.

Most Turquoise used for high-end jewelry is stabilized by injecting epoxy or resin under heat and pressure to prevent fracturing and discoloration. Natural Turquoise stones that are too small or too soft to be used for jewelry or beads are crushed into a powder which is then mixed with a binding agent and formed into slabs that can be cut, shaped, and polished, just like larger turquoise slabs, and is ideal for creating the beautiful inlays of this very affordable Knife.

Please note that each item is made individually by hand, so there are slight variations in color and design.

Approximate measurements:
Overall Length: 8.5"
Blade Length  : 3.75"
Weight           : 9oz with sheath.

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