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Stork Baby, Sterling Silver Baltic Amber

Stork & Baby, Sterling Silver & Baltic Amber

BA-012    $375.00

Approximate height: 3.25", Weight: 2.5 oz.

This one-of-a-kind masterpiece is hand-made in Poland by a small multi-generation family business. The Sterling Silver is made in house and the Baltic Amber is sourced locally. Great baby shower gift.

The healing powers of Amber - fossilized tree resin from ancient evergreen trees - have been well known and used for centuries. Its high concentration of succinic acid has important benefits for the human body and is said to help heal and eliminate pain. Amber jewelry is commonly worn for its natural pain-relieving properties, and to help improve the body’s immune system and reduce high levels of anxiety or stress. 

Please note that each item is made by hand and no two are exactly alike, so the one that you receive will have some color and shape variations.

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